Raising a Republic

Bront and the Real Doll

The perilous plot of a puppet posessed

In Auchendale, your party learned a rumor about a famous puppet maker named Bront who was to design the costumes, sets, and props for the upcoming hit play " The Warrior, the Wolf, and the Witches." After speaking to the stage manager, you learned that he was supposed to deliver a shipment days ago, but hasn’t turned up. The group went to Bront’s puppet workshop to investigate.

The front door was locked, but you were able to break in through the cellar door. There you found a scared and injured Bront. He told the group about how he was experimenting with a magical form of puppetry when something horrible happened. Before he can explain further, Bront was taken over and tortured by Amelia the Doll in front of your very eyes. After a quick battle with some dolls and puppets that came to life, you set off to find Amelia.

On the first floor, you discovered a circle with a creepy doll in the middle. Upon entering the doll, you were transformed into a puppet and had a mysterious vision. After a tense standoff with the rest of the party, you were able to transform back, along with Gertrude Brut. Gertrude is a young Auchendale socialite who was investigating a magical energy emanating from Bront’s workshop. You received your puppet characters, as well as a magical yarn that protects whoever is in it from harm.

On the next floor you fought with dressing mannequins from the costumes for the play “The Warrior, the Wolf, and the Witches.” During the fight, Ro was able to convince a summoned spider named Gilbert to join him as a pet. Otisious found a beautifully crafted rapier sword, a commemorative collectible replica of the sword used in the famous play.

In the attic of the workshop, you discovered Amelia, who used her power to morph into various characters from the party. Our heros were all practically dead, when Cinder was able to cast mage hands to hold onto Amelia. Ro convinced the group to allow them to take Amelia to the Wizard’s Guild for investigation, provided he be the one responsible for controlling her.

Will Amelia turn on the party and be let loose in the world? What will the Wizard’s Guild do with the wrathful animated doll? Will our heros ever make it to the Westoft twins’ lavish party?




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