Raising a Republic

The Griffinsmoot

A Gregarious Gathering of Grand Griffins

(Updated 10/5, so sorry if there’s some stuff missing)

After learning the truth of the Griffinsmoot with the help of some city guard paperwork, a book from the Auchendale Acadamy, and the Wizard’s Guild Grand Serillomancer Fleur Kirkwell, the Squaad eventually figured out how to recreate the proper conditions for a Griffinsmoot. Oof was dressed in a very crude Griffin’s costume, and Ro played some music. Luckily it was enough to convince a massive Frost Griffin to accept the “challenge”. Many others soon followed, including an armored Stone Griffin with a huge Wood Elf garrison in tow.

After a tiring battle, a handsome peacocking Royal Griffin and a powerful and intelligent Eagle Griffin were all that were left. Using a talk to animals spell, our heros convinced the two reaming Griffins to split up the territory and females between themselves, defending them together, rather than battling to the death for dominance. The Squad set off to claim their reward from Auchendale, multiple Griffin heads in tow.

What will happen next for our heros? Will they get their rewar- I guess there’s no need for the teaser on this one. I’m writing this 4 months late, so we all know what happens next.
¯\__ (ツ) __/¯



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