Raising a Republic

The Hunt for the Tome of Thuu'l

The Treacherous Task to Take the Tricky Tome

Upon returning to Auchendale, our heros were greeted by a flurry of activity. The whole city is preparing for a visit from King Bohannan, of the neighboring Empire, where he planned to speak with the Auchendale Senate about a most pressing matter. The Squaad, ever eager to claim their reward for a job well done, returned to the Merchant’s Guild to see the stout Senator Hoppsworth. He introduces you to Senator Conrad Brut of the Banker’s guild and implores you not to destroy his desk yet again. Senator Brut thanks you for the assistance saving his daughter from the sentient puppet known as Amelia, and promises to return the favor if every you need it. Payment resolved, the two senators invite you to accompany them to the Senate floor as their temporary guardsmen.

Upon arriving, the King’s introduction is just finishing. King Bohannan Takes the stage and warns Auchendale about how intense the war between the The Empire and the The Shining Path Collective is becoming. The Shining Path have found a way to summon horrific monstrosities from alternate realms. The empire, and eventually Auchendale and the rest of the region are sure to fall under their control if something is not done immediately.

Thankfully, we think we have a way to equalize things. My Master Tactician Arboris Viltarr believes he has a way to harness this power for ourselves. The Tome of Th’uul is an ancient script that will allow us to harness the power of the chaos realms. Only with this artifact can we hope to match their power. I’ll be blunt- this is the only thing that can restore order and stop the Shining Path from slaughtering The Empire, Auchendale, and dominating the entire realm. Every team we’ve sent to retrieve the Tome hasn’t returned, so I turn to your fine city for assistance. Is there anyone who you can trust with this responsibility?” - King Bohannan addressing the Auchendale Senate

The Squaad valiantly steped up and offer to retrieve the Tome of Thuu’l and return it to the Senate. In return, they were promised 10,000 Gold, A ship from the king’s royal fleet, and the favor of the King. After gathering supplies and a quick rest, they set off to Bedlam’s Den, an ancient underground compound supposedly used by chaos cultists, said to be home to the mysterious Tome of Thuu’l.

After slogging through traps, Gnoll patrols, insane cultists, and bat guano they arrived at the entrance to a bizarre underground temple. Upon entering, they covered themselves in blood opening two trap doors.

Inside the first door, they found a strange statue holding 8 magical orbs- more on that later. Inside the other door, they discovered an angry Minotaur wielding a blackened warhammer. Naturally, The Hammer took the weapon after the beast was slain. Cinder selflessly (or stupidly) took on an unknown curse to proceed deeper into the dungeon- in the mirror he witnessed a demon with a toothy, sinister smile holding a black chain attached to Cinder’s neck.

Always bold and always brave, Oof marched right into a trap dropping her next to a sleeping dragon. Although the team tried to be as quiet a possible hauling her back up, Oof managed to awaken the dragon. A few burn scars later, the group was together.

Using his newly acquired shape changing hat and a spell to disguise his voice, Ro Songslinger shifted into the shape of a Cultist Mind Flayer to order a squad of dining cultists and gnolls to stand down. Cinder turned them all into cinders (tee-hee!)

Before advancing any further, the Squaad decided to double back and look into the naked lady statue with the magical orbs. It was very painful, but they managed to destroy the statue’s orbs and get and see what she was guarding: a water-logged prison cell with an insane electrified cultist.

Will our heros find the Tome of Thuu’l before Auchendale is overrun? What’s in the prison? Who will draw from the Deck of Shadows? Find out next time at Dungeons and Dragons!



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