Raising a Republic

The Westoft Twins' Party

A Splended Soirée Spawns a Sinistrous Suprise

After returning Amelia the Doll to Horice Zipperskin, the Assistant to the Arch Duke of the Wizard’s Guild using Gertrude’s connections, you all prepared yourselves for the Westoft’s lavish party. The party bought fine clothing and accessories for the party, including a little custom made suit for Allistair’s bird.

Upon arrival, the party learned that the party has a sort of game that goes on throughout the night called the Lord of the Libertines. Essentially, everyone at the party votes for someone at the end of the party. The person with the most votes wins “the Lord of the Libertines”. Throughout the night, much merriment was had. Cinder was able to bed Beatrice after dancing with her and speaking in his native tounge- Infernal, the language of demons.

The group took part in backyard brawling, via our new brawling rules alongside a particularly quick dark elf named Vaellyn Zau’val. Archery, poetry, dancing, and smoking Jaffray were just some of the fun activities participated in. Oof stole quite a bit from the bedrooms.

Throughout the night, a great number of rumors were heard, including that a notorious pirate has taken residence in the inn by the waterfront, that young girls have been going missing- mostly travelers and wenches from the Triad district, and that there’s increasing concern over importers and traders being slaughtered once they get near the woodline to the northeast.

As the midnight hour came, the Westoft twins lead the party to a large gazebo in the back yard, where they announced the winner of the Lord of Libertines- Cinder. Cinder’s reward was the “Libertine Crown”, a masquerade mask covered in gems with no mouth, as well as the Deck of Shadows, a very old, very dangerous deck of cards which has the potential to bestow great rewards or grave consequences.

Unfortunately for the group, Allistair eagerly volunteered to try the deck out first hand. He drew the six of hearts- The Wrath of Chaos, which reads as follows:

An insane power flows through your body. It’s a dark, deep ancient power. The corruption in your mind overtakes your very essence. An ancient evil has claimed you. He your master, and you will do anything the ancient one requires of you. In return he grants you the gift of great and absolute power. Your level doubles. Your alignment is changed to Chaotic Evil. Your master demands that you betray your loved ones and begin working against everything and everyone you once held dear. In an instant, your love for the ancient master becomes absolute and unshakeable. His every desire becomes your purpose and your true calling. You let out a deep laugh before fading into dark light. Your final words echo in a whisper to your former allys. “I will be back for your skins.”

After the party guests had a chance to calm down after such a chilling turn of events, the final midnight ceremony begun. One of the masked servant girls walked a calf onto the gazebo, and with the encouragement of Beatrice, Cinder slit the creature’s throat. After using the blood to make mysterious markings and chanting something in an unknown language, all of the party guests drank cups of the calf’s blood. All of you took part in this strange ritual without objection.

You woke up the next morning, with no memory of what happened after the calf ritual. Still half drunk, you stumbled out to get some sleep back at the inn.



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