Aldrich Westoft

One of the Westoft Twins- heir to the Westoft fortune


Aldrich Westoft is the twin sibling of Beatrice Westoft. The Westoft twins are the wealthy young heirs to the biggest trading company in Auchendale. Their parents passed away years ago, leaving the entire family fortune them.

The business relationship between the Westofts and the Nightwalkers is new and fragile, and Lothgar thinks it is critical to the Nightwalker’s future success..

“You want to know about my family’s business? It’s trade, my friend. You see, we’re in the business of business, and let me tell you- with this war, business is booming. I won’t bore you with too many details, but Auchendale is technically just a border town to the empire- not a proper King’s city, so it operates as a sort of economic sanctuary city: politically and militarily it’s sworn fealty to the King, but legally and economically it’s independent from the red tape, restriction, and taxes of the rest of the Empire’s domain. Plus, it’s a main hub city on the Empire’s army and estate trading lines. And my family is involved in all of that trade, giving us a cut in anything that moves in or out of the city.” – Aldrich Westoft

Aldrich Westoft

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