Grand Serillomancer Fleur Kirkwell

Wizard's Guild Grand Serillomancer Fleur Kirkwell


Fleur is the Grand Serillomancer of the Auchendale Wizard’s Guild. She’s a friendly and outgoing Gnome who often finds her academic peers to be too elitist and judgemental. She’s a talented wizard, however her background in the arcane is mostly academic. She has extremely limited tactical or survival-related experience.


Fleur has devoted her life to Serillomancy- the study of lost magics, primarily via the ancient texts, magical prophecies, and enchanted items. The field of Serillomancy is often the butt of jokes within academic circles, as many promising topics of study often turn out to be myth and folklore. For Fleur, even proving something to be a myth is a valuable contribution to the field she cares about so much.

She assisted the group by creating the first ever academic record of a Griffinsmoot- a grand battle between would be alpha Griffins for dominance over a territory. Although such a recording would be better suited to a biologist, she was happy to step in to prove the myth of the Griffinsmoot is in fact a real observable thing.

Grand Serillomancer Fleur Kirkwell

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