Raising a Republic

The adventure so far...
A succinct summary of a sonerous story

You woke up in a cold, dark imperial prison- scheduled for a quick execution. Thankfully, you were rescued by a mysterious group of people who used your debt to get you to go on a series of dangerous quests. Eventually you learned that Yargreenya- a the busty dwarven owner of a lively bordello, and Lothgar- a bearded warrior hailing from the northern clans, are high ranking members of a resistance movement called the Nightwalkers, who aim to set up the disputed territories as an independent state- free from both the militaristic Empire and the brutally savage Shining Path Collective.

They tasked you to venture into the city of Auchendale- a trading hub with loose ties to the Empire. You were in charge of escorting the Westoft Twins, rich heirs to a massive trading company. Lothgar wanted you nurse a relationship between the Nightwalkers and the Westofts- or any other factions in Auchendale which may be beneficial to your cause.

You succeeded in defending the Westofts against multiple assassination attempts by the Shining Path Collective. As a token of appreciation, they invite you to their annual Autumn Solstice party kicking off the festival of the Greengrass.


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