Auchendale is a medium-large sized trading city. It is located between the Disputed Territories and the Empire. Although the city has political ties to the empire, it is independently governed under a senate. The city economy has been notably prosperous lately as most of the Empire’s wartime supply lines depend on trade routes leading through Auchendale.


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Auchendale is governed by a Senate. The Auchendale Senate is one of the most unique aspects of the city. Although the city is an unincorporated territory of King Bohannen’s empire, Auchendale has used the senate as a tool for self-governance since her liberation centuries ago. The Senate made up of senators who are elected by the various professional guilds within the city. Because the guilds are typically controlled by the Auchendale Elite, they have the most sway over Senate affairs. Additionally, the empire has an ambassador to represent the King, who has one seat within the senate.


In modern days, Auchendale is primarily a trading city. Trading business known worldwide like Stronghold Imports or The Westoft Trading Company gained their fortunes using Auchendale as their main port of operation. Before it became the quintessential trading hub for the region, Auchendale was known for it’s metalwork. To this day, metalworkers come from far and wide to even try to get apprenticeships under our master tradesmen. It’s estimated that more than 50 tonnes of metal alloy are processed here each day. The economy is also largely driven by tourism and shopping- particularly along the famous Avenue of Champions.

Notable Locations

Auchendale is home to various socio-cultural landmarks and institutions.

  • The High Temple is notable for it’s Gondulor architecture style as well as for the dozens of separate chapels under it’s single roof. Most major religions have their own chapel, and failing that, there are usually alter rooms devoted to worship of the less common religious sects.
  • Bard’s Square was home to a number of famous bards from the Classique Artistique Era including Alexander the Cynic, Siggard Skkandul, Pricilla Earwine, and Lazar Lovelace.
  • The Auchendale Academy is one of the most renowned academic institutions in the realm which is known for it’s extensive and elaborate underground library.
  • The Wizard’s Guild has their notorious tower located in Auchendale, which was originally an academy devoted to the arcane arts.
  • The Auchendale Arena hosts two major tournaments per year- the Festival of Greengrass, and the Feast of the Moon. Every 6 years, it’s host to the Midsummer’s Bleeding- a massive gladiatorial tournament with fighters from all over the world.

“You want to know about my family’s business? It’s trade, my friend. You see, we’re in the business of business, and let me tell you- with this war, business is booming. I won’t bore you with too many details, but Auchendale is technically just a border town to the empire- not a proper King’s city, so it operates as a sort of economic sanctuary city: politically and militarily it’s sworn fealty to the King, but legally and economically it’s independent from the red tape, restriction, and taxes of the rest of the Empire’s domain. Plus, it’s a main hub city on the Empire’s army and estate trading lines. And my family is involved in all of that trade, giving us a cut in basically anything that moves in or out of the city.” -Aldrich Westoft, on doing business in Auchendale


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