Jaffray is a clove-like herb that is normally ground up and smoked, although it can be rendered with lard and added to dishes or drinks as flavouring.


Jaffray alters the user’s conscious perception of the world around them, often causing euphoria, feelings of well-being, relaxation or stress reduction, increased appreciation of the arts- including humor and music, joviality, metacognition and introspection, increased sensuality, increased awareness of sensation, increased libido,and creativity. Abstract or philosophical thinking, disruption of linear memory and paranoia or anxiety are also typical. It acts as a mild aphrodisiac, increasing sexual interest and general sensitivity to the surroundings. Face flushes, pupils dilate, breathing quickens, and skin becomes preternaturally sensitive. The herb has a mildly cinnamon-like flavour.


Players who choose to try some Jaffray must roll to see if they completely freak out, get anxiety, act chill, have drawling philosophical conversations, or laugh and enjoy themselves.


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