Tavern Brawling

A tavern brawl is a little different from an all out fight battle. There’s no magic or weapons, and if someone loses a tavern brawl, they’re just knocked out for a bit, not dead. I put the following homebrew tavern brawl rules together. They may need to be adjusted and refined, so we’ll play it by ear nerfing and buffing things as needed.

Brawling Styles

The way a character brawls depends on the way that they tend to fight. Oof and Bar-Barah Buush would not use the same tactics in a bar fight that Ro and Cinder would. Currently, there are three Brawling Styles that apply to the way a character fights.

  • Brawny Brawler – Moves slow, punches hard, gives and takes a lot of damage. This bar fighting style is reserved for classes like Fighters, Barbarians, and Warriors
  • Agile Fighter – Able to move quickly and avoid damage. They prefer to dodge stronger blows and counter-attack with a flurry of blows. This bar fighting style is reserved for classes like Monks, Rangers, and Rogues.
  • Shit-Talker – Someone who is neither swift nor strong must use their quick wit and sharp tongue to get the favor of spectators and piss off enemies to entice them to make mistakes. This high risk/high reward bar fighting style is reserved for classes like Bards, Sorcerers, and others who use words as weapons.

Use the following rules to create your characters brawling stats:

  • HP: 13hp + 2x(Con Mod + Str Mod)- possibly adjusted by DM
  • AC: Total Character Dexterity Score (Possibly -1)
  • Movement: 5ft per Dex Mod

Common Attacks
Every bar fighting style can use these attacks in a tavern brawl.

  • Punch: +3 to hit, 1d6 damage
  • Shove: +3 to hit, On success, target is knocked prone. Prone enemy spends 10 speed to get up.
  • Change Tactics: Bonus Action. Change your bar fighting style, losing your old style-specific buffs or perks.

Brawny Brawler
(Fighter, Barbarian, Warrior, Paladin)

  • Heavy Handed: Passive. Successful standard attacks also apply the Brawny Brawler’s Str Mod as extra damage.
  • Wild Haymaker: Automatic disadvantage on this attack. +1.5xStr Mod to hit, 1d8 + Str Mod damage. A Haymaker on a prone enemy does an additional 1d4 + 1 damage. On a missed Haymaker, the enemy you attacked can make a 1d4 reaction strike.
  • Takedown: + 3 to hit. On success, 2d4 damage & enemy is knocked prone. Prone enemy spends 10 speed to return to their feet.
  • Talk Shit, Get Hit: Passive. If an enemy fails a Taunt within melee range, you can take an auto-succeed 1d4 -1 reaction attack. If that enemy Crit Failed their Taunt, you can attempt Wild Haymaker as your reaction attack. This reaction does not work if they have the Favor of the Crowd.

Swift Fighter
(Monk, Ranger, Rogue)

  • Swift Strikes: Bonus Action. +Dex Mod to hit, 1d4. Swift Strikes has disadvantage when used from the same square the turn was started on.
  • Nimble: Passive. Immunity to reaction strikes based on your movement. Also, your turn’s speed can be split before & after your action (i.e. 15ft speed = 5ft before attack, 10ft after attack.)

(Bard, Sorcerer, Magic Dealers)

  • Taunt: Action. Charisma Roll, 14 to succeed, costs 5 speed. On Success, an enemy is Taunted. Taunted enemies have disadvantage on all attacks. If an enemy who is taunted misses, you may make take a reaction attack. Taunt ends at the end of your next turn unless you successfully taunt them again. You may attempt to Taunt as a bonus action if you have the Favor of the Crowd.
  • Favor of the Crowd: Passive. If an enemy misses you and you hit an enemy back to back (or in reverse order), you have the Favor of the Crowd. While you have the favor of the crowd, you have an advantage on melee attack rolls, and successful attacks also deal your Charisma Modifier. Attack rolls that get 19+ are counted as critical, and attack rolls that get 17+ are counted as critical if the enemy is Taunted as well. Finally, while you have the Favor of the Crowd, you may attempt to Taunt as a bonus action. You will continue to have the Favor of the Crowd until either you are hit by an attack or you miss an attack.

Tavern Brawling

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