Warrior's Rapier Replica Sword


The Warrior’s Rapier Replica Sword is a finely made commemorative replica of the one wielded by the Warrior in the hit play The Warrior, the Wolf, and the Witches. It was found by Otisious in Bront’s prop room during Bront and the Real Doll.


On reaction attacks, the user may roll their attack dice twice and choose whichever roll they like.


From the Certificate of Authenticity…

Warrior’s Rapier Replica Sword: Certificate of Authenticity-
Reach out and grab the power and majesty of the hit play for yourself with this fantastic replica sword! The very same sword used by the iconic warrior in the hit play “The Warrior, The Wolf, and the Witches." This unique collectible is a real, genuine sword- no mere stage prop, featuring a sharp double-edged, needle-tipped blade: decidedly longer and lighter than a classic Rapier, allowing for increased agility while still keeping any witches you may need to smite at a comfortable distance. With a tempered steel pierced shell guard, rings, quillons, and knuckle bow it offers astonishingly good hand protection, while its wire wrapped grip and counter balancing pommel give great comfort and liveliness in-hand. Provided complete with a hand-stitched leather sheath with steel throat, chape, and integral belt hook for ease of carry. No true fan of “The Warrior, The Wolf, and The Witches” can call their collection complete without this unique, limited edition replica. Congratulations and enjoy!

Warrior's Rapier Replica Sword

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