Cinder Stormbreaker

Luke's Character- Tiefling Sorcerer, History of Piracy


Cinder hails from lands far to the south. An expert sailor, he previously made his living as a seafarer from Galviston, sailing out of the notorious Port Royal. A life of salt and sea was all he needed, until he lost his ship for reasons he has yet to make known.

Cinder has always had a fascination with magics, both foreign and known. At a young age, he discovered his own affinity toward magic by mistake. After a sudden emotional outburst lead to the incineration of a nearby merchant vessel, as well as three members of the crew, Cinder has struggled to control his power. Seen as an undeniable danger to those around him, he was often an outcast in his younger years, until taken aboard a “trading” vessel captained by a fellow Tiefling of unknown origin. Years of sailing from port to port have offered him many opportunities of fortune and knowledge, most of which he’s squandered away on liquor and women.

That which remained had been used to procure a ship of his own, leading to a career of pirating. Cinder soon became the youngest pirate captain of the southern seas, making a name for himself due to his youth and an innate ability to survive horrific storms and not-so-cordial seafaring rivals.

Largely concerned with magical artifacts and treasures, Cinder and his ship (The Firebrand) were last seen headed toward an unmapped southern isle, said to house a cluster of ancient Kobold ruins. Rumors at port taverns suggest otherwise, claiming Cinder’s flame has been extinguished…

Cinder Stormbreaker

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